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Recruits is a squad based top down shooter. Inspired by games like Cannon Fodder, Alien Swarm and Jagged Alliance Recruits puts players on the front lines of the battlefield to accomplish your missions through any means necessary. Fast paced and packed with explosions, Recruits offers a wide variety of features that allow you, and your friends to take command of the action and lead your men to victory.

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When you pre-order Recruits you will receive:
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- Regular updates with new features, content and fixes.
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- Steam Keys (If our Greenlight campaign is successful)
- Free bugs, glitches and weird things... it's an Alpha!

Development Plan

+ Core Gameplay Mechanics

Camera and Control System

Our camera, control and movement systems are a very important part of the core gameplay for Recruits. We will always be tweaking and adjusting them to better suit play styles. Everything from key binds, camera height and angle, to movement speeds and sprint durations.

Level up and Progression

Currently there are 22 military ranks for you to progress through from young scared Private all the way up to a combat proven General. As you progress through the game, your soldiers also receive promotions for their actions during missions. Soldiers receive increased health, accuracy, speed and stamina whenever they rank up, giving them a much needed advantage over their enemies.

Morale and Player Dynamics

With the ability to carry and revive squad mates, hold characters as human shields, witness traumatic events (killing enemies and death of squad mates) and create friendship bonds, your squad start to feel emotionally affected with every move you make, hindering or boosting their performance altering the chances of survival.

Artificial Intelligence

Player Squad AI, Enemy AI, Civilian and Animal AI, an important part of the experience is how the computer controlled characters interact with you and the environment. Currently there is a basic set of rules in place that deal with threat recognition, search and destroy and basic cover and self preservation, but with time we plan to improve and expand on these.


Recruits will have a wide range of characters to add extra depth to the gameplay experience. Player characters with customizable appearances, multiple enemy classes, male and female civilian characters and animals allow us to add many senarios and situations to the levels and environments.

Gore and Dismemberment

Like in real life, anything made of flesh and blood when shot or being hit by a tank shell, will without fail expel that flesh and blood all over and around the area at which he/she was occupying.

Destructible Assets

Being able to destroy enemy cover, blow new paths through levels and just fulfill the need to destroy, it is something APEX technology can give you. Having as many destructible objects in game as we can will immerse you in the action and give you a real feel for the firepower available at your fingertips.

Controller Support

With XBOX controller support, being able to step away from the keyboard and mouse, lean back and relax with a controller in your hand lets you play alone, or with a friend on the same PC.

+ Weaponry


Pistols, Flare Guns, Silenced Pistols and Melee Weapons all need the correct in game meshes, sounds, and effects to portray the right feel of the weapons they represent.


Rifles, Machine Guns, Shotguns, Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers and Heavy Weapons are some of the core weapons in your soldiers arsenal, and all need the correct meshes, sounds, and effects to look and feel as powerfull as the real world weapons they represent.

Items and Consumables

Frag, Stun, Smoke Grenades, Mines, Health packs and C4 are but some of the extra items your soldiers can carry to complete missions more effectively.


Airstrikes, Cluster Bombs, Napalm and Mortar Strike are a few of the special abilities that can be called in to help out your recruits when they get into difficult situations or just need to take out a lot of enemy soldiers.

+ Vehicles


Drivable Jeeps, Cars and Tanks add another level of depth to the gameplay providing faster and more powerful models of transport to get around and take out your enemies.


Flyable Choppers and Jets are planned to make an appearence in some of the larger levels. They will provide great ways of transporting soldiers and be some of the most formidable vehicles/weapons in the game.


Drivable Boats and Water Craft will provide an alternative to land vehicles on levels in the tropics or with rivers, streams and lakes.

+ General


Having the right look here is critical. Its the first thing seen and its how you get into the game we have worked so hard to make. We always look to improve the layout and design of the menus to make them as easy to use and look as good as possible.


A full set of options will allow many people to run, play and customise the game to suit their play style and hardware. Its critical to get these working right so that the most people possible can play Recruits.

In Game HUD

Receiving information in game while playing is very important to the overall feel and fun of Recruits. Having clear objectives and being able to understand what is happening and where you are at, at any given time is crucial to keeping you immersed in the game and having fun.

Website Login

Being able to goto the Recruits website, log in and view your online statistics and progress is a great way to prepare for the battles ahead when you are on the go. We also aim to have merchandise available to purchase, ranging from t-shirts, soundtracks to extra game gift copies and artbooks.

+ Singleplayer


The single player campaign in Recruits will feature an alternate history war against (or for) communist forces, spanning over 12 years, set between 1964 and going through to 1976. You are the commander of a squad of young in-experianced soldiers, using government funding to purchase and allocate yourself weapons, abilities, supplies and human resources to best complete your missions.

Mission/Level Design

Fight battles in locations anywhere from thick jungle to civilian populated urban cities, to freezing arctic snow to scorpion infested deserts, dark and damp underground mines to tropical sandy islands. Many war zones will be covered as you follow the story of your army around the world.

Squad Commands

The context sensitive Right Click menu gives you the ability to give basic commands to your team members such as Attack, Move, Suppress, Grenade, Disarm and Regroup allowing you to tackle any situation.

Losing Recruits

In Single player, you play as the commander of soldiers who have volunteered, enlisted or have been conscripted into your army. When these men die in battle they are gone for good. Any ranks, attributes, statistics or friendships gained by the soldier are lost and a new recruits is assigned in his place. Look after Recruits you have invested military budget into and who have more experience in battle as they will perform better on the battlefield.

Difficulty System

Having an Easy and Normal mode will help cater to multiplayer player skill levels. On top of that, we want to include a Hardcore mode which increases the difficulty dramatically for those who love a challenge. Higher up camera, one shot kills and smarter more accurate enemies.

+ Multiplayer


War Mode, Territory, Free for All and Presidential Takedown will provide exciting and objective based gameplay during multiplayer.


Online and In-Game scoreboards to track your progress and kill scores against other players.


When leveling up and earing XP and cash funding, you can spend it in the Armory where all the weapons, items, clothing, vehicles and abilities can be purchased and allocated to your multiplayer.

Character Customization

Having the ability to change your appearence online is great for blending into environments, forming teams or just having that unique look you have been after. Changing clothing items and adding items such as pouches and hats will allow for many different combinations.


When your soldier is doing well, they have the change of gaining extra cash and XP rewards. Medals and Achievements will also be earnt when performing well (or badly) in the battlefield.

Can you run Recruits?



Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista
2.0+ GHz processor
2 GB system RAM
SM3-compatible video card
2 GB free hard drive space


Windows 7 64-bit
2.0+ GHz multi-core processor
8 GB System RAM
NVIDIA 8000 series or higher graphics card
Plenty of HDD space

To be 100% sure you can run the game.
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